STEM Training Education Portal

A dynamic repository of STEM courses and educational materials,
with respect to the needs of
Educators and their Students

The Mediterranean unites us.

Seven countries
join forces around a common goal:
To constitute an important international
STEM lab
for children who build
their future.

In this Portal each of us can plan our own path
Knowledge and Skills,

...starting with "I am" (Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher, Professor, .etc.) and the subject(s) with which I would like to be involved,
...and the program(s) of my choice, for which I will find educational materials and lessons.

The pathway culminates in a knowledge certification
...and/or in participation in the annual nationwide and/or international STEM workshop for my students, through my Team's participation in the respective competition.

Example of choosing a learning path

In the figure above, an exemplary path of Knowledge and Skills for a Teacher is depicted.

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STEM Education

(Organization for Educational Robotics, Science, Technology & Mathematics) develops comprehensive educational programs for all levels of education.

The educational content is based on programs from some of the most valid universities in the world (MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts) as well as renowned teachers who make up our scientific team

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to this space, where technology meets education to create new possibilities and opportunities in the development of our students and our educational role.

In this Portal, you will find educational materials, interactive courses and resources that focus on automation and educational robotics. Whether you are experienced educators looking for new ideas and tools for your groups and workshops, or new to the world of automation and robotics looking for information and educational support, you will find much of what you need here.

Through our courses, you will discover the world of logic, programming, sensors and automation in general, as well as many other elements that make up modern educational robotics. We aim to provide a learning experience that is fun, useful, enjoyable and tailored to your needs and skills.

The Portal strives to provide tools and resources for communication and exchange of ideas between educators and experts in the field in order to create a community that encourages growth and collaboration.

We are here trying to support exploration in the world of automation and robotics. Let’s embark on this journey and create the future of education together.

Best Practices
Let's take advantage of the opportunity to create original mechanisms/automations with our students in the laboratory...

Dynamic repository of STEM courses and materials with constantly updated items.

Online teacher training seminars of 1821 schools in the country in Nezha - micro:bit.

March 30 & 31, 2024

Panhellenic championship of Educational Robotics.

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