STEM Education

A dynamic repository of STEM courses and educational materials,
with respect to the needs of
Educators and their Students

The Mediterranean unites us.

Seven countries
join forces around a common goal:
To constitute an important international
STEM lab
for children who build
their future.

What is

A Dynamic Repository of STEM Courses and Educational Materials.

This Portal aspires to be a dynamic repository of STEM courses and educational materials. A meeting point of ideas and good practices. Always with respect to the needs of Teachers and their Students.


The Mediterranean unites us.

Seven countries are joining forces around a common goal: To be an important international STEM workshop for children who are building their future.


STEM Education (Organization for Educational Robotics, Science, Technology & Mathematics) develops comprehensive year-long educational programs for all levels of education. The educational content is based on programs of some of the most valid universities in the world (MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts) as well as renowned teachers who make up our scientific team

Purpose and objectives

Our purpose is:

The creation of appropriate educational conditions for the development of creativity, innovation & the spirit of cooperation at all educational levels in our country.
The development of applications of natural sciences and new technologies, with a special emphasis on the methods and applications of Engineering and Coding with an emphasis on educational robotics.
The development of technological knowledge and the strengthening of school performance concerning a better and more efficient understanding of practical subjects – physics, mathematics, IT.
The open exchange of views and collaborations with all those interested and engaged in the fields of new technologies and educational robotics.
The introduction of Engineering and Coding into the educational process, with immediate priority for Primary Education. The “Simple Machines” chapter is outside the curriculum and the contribution of our organization to its teaching is particularly important.

Let’s demystify the automations we see around us every day.

Let’s bring them close to our students, cultivating their skills,

necessary to change our world…

What makes us proud

The STEM methodology is not only aimed at students but at the whole society.

The well-being of citizens depends on the quality of our planet. Therefore, their education, in addition to the subjects of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, etc., should also include training in subjects such as: adaptation to climate change, preservation of the remaining biodiversity, protection and access to water sources etc.

Students must be able to deal with such issues – challenges that have environmental, socio-economic and political effects. A nation with deep knowledge not only reads, but calculates, examines and innovates.

As a scientific advisor of WRO Hellas, STEM Education develops the educational robotics competitions with this direction, the same orientation exists in our educational programs.

Since 2015 we have been developing educational programs and conducting educational activities with the aim of introducing STEM into education, either in its formal or informal form.

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